R. Crumb, Sixties Cartoonist, and all around eccentric dude.

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Rick Griffin, Sixties Poster Artist, and all around cool dude. (June 18, 1944 - August 18, 1991)

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Mouse and Kelley, Sixties Poster Artists, that designed many rock concert posters in the Sixties.

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Robert Mark Altman, American Photographer, he did impressive work in the Sixties.

Lady McCartney, Linda Eastman before she became Paul McCartney's wife. She was a Sixties photographer that created quite an impressive catalog. (September 24, 1941 April 17, 1998)

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60s Photos

Grace Slick, Woodstock, Black Panthers,Kent State, MLK, Bobby Kennedy, Charles Manson, R. Crumb

Sixties Photos

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Cheap Thrills
'cover' by R Crumb

Alan Ginsgbert
'Beat Poet'

Grace Slick
'Jefferson Airplane'

Concert Poster

Grateful Dead
710 Ashbury, SF

Apollo Moon Laning
July 20, 1969

State funeral of JFK
November 1963

Lee Harvey Oswald
Assinated 'JFK'

Robert Francis Kennedy
Assassinated 6/6/1968

Sirhan Sirhan
Assassinated 'RFK'

Martin Luther King
Assassinated 4/4/1968

James Earl Ray
Assassinated 'MLK'

Kent State
(4 Dead in Ohio)

Charles Mason, he
literally killed the 60s

Gimme Shelter?
..Death at Altamont

Bill Graham
60s Concert Promoter

Richard J. Daley
Mayor of Chicago,1968

'The Chicago 7'
(not guilty?)

Khe Sanh,Vietnam
(Marines some kick ass)

Jane Fonda
(Hanoi Jane)

Kent Sate
4 Dead in Ohio

'The Black Panthers'
Black Power?

'Bros' in Black'
(Black Panthers)

Altamont 1969
Stabbing Death
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